TNT Portfolio

World of Golf

Florence, KY

World of Golf is located in Florence, KY, approximately five to ten minutes south of Cincinnati, OH, and is visible from the I-75 express way. This project showcases many different building products from Firestone Building Products. These products include the silver metallic and dark ivy UC-601 corrugated metal wall panels, silver metallic UC-500 soffit panels, silver metallic UC-6RS metal roofing system, contractor fabricated silver metallic metal edge and coping systems, and even silver metallic 040 aluminum shop fabricated window mulleins for the window system. The owner was able to obtain a 20 year "no monetary limit" warranty for both the metal roofing and low slope membrane roofing system since it was all provided by Firestone Building Products and installed by a certified Red Shield Contractor. This building owner, The City of Florence, basically obtained a total building envelope warranty with exception to the windows a masonry walls. You can also view the 060 fully adhered TPO membrane roof system by clicking your way over to the single ply portfolio section of this website.

Boone County Library

Union, KY

The Boone County Library is located in Union, KY, just minutes from our office. This project showcases the UC-14RS metal roofing system by Firestone Building Products in Medium Bronze SR. The panels have been striated in an effort to minimize oil canning. The architect of design on this project was Robert Ehmet Hayes and Associates.

Leestown First Federal

Lexington, KY

Leestown First Federal Bank is located in Lexington, KY. The metal roof system is the UC-3 double locked metal roofing system by Firestone Building Products. The Series 2000 wall panel system by Firestone Metal Products is a honeycomb barrier wall panel system.

West Chester Library

West Chester, OH

West Chester Library is located in West Chester, OH, showcasing a 1.5mm RHEINZINK tapered soffit UC-500 system. This system is as custom and complex as it gets. Panels had to be break form fabricated to support the complex geometry, bends, and curves that made up this serpentine soffit system. 1.5mm RHEINZINK flat lock wall panels were also utilized on this project.

National Corvette Museum

Bowling Green, KY

National Corvette Museum located in Bowling Green, KY implementing the Firestone UC-6 standing seam metal roofing system in the color of Regal Red. It is important to note that the building owner of this project is enjoying the peace of mind associated with a single-source warranty by one manufacturer and contractor on both the low-slope and metal roofing. This warranty is a low-cost, high-performing solution with a No-Monetary-Limit for the next 20 years! 

Sir Barton Business Center

Lexington, Kentucky

Sir Barton Business Center, located in Lexington, KY, utilizes the UC-500 Flush Wall Panel system with a seam spacing of 20" on center. This metal panel system is typically used in a metal soffit application and is available in full or half venting. The UC-500 Flush Wall Panel system is a very budget-conscious and aesthetically pleasing alternative to fabricated wall panel systems such as ACM, 1/8" plate aluminum, and honeycomb.

Barboursville Middle School

Barboursville, West Virginia

Barboursville Middle School, located in Barboursville, West Virginia implemented the UC-500 Soffit System, UC-14 Striated Metal Roofing System, as well as the Series-1000 Metal Wall Panel System.

Integra Bank

Union, Kentucky

Integra Bank, located in Union, Kentucky, using the UC-4 Metal Roofing System.

Florence Retail Center

Florence, KY

Florence Retail Center, located in Florence, KY, implementing 3 systems including a Ballasted EPDM roof, UC-14 Metal Roofing System, and UC-9 used for the awnings of doorways and windows.

Townley Apartment Complex

Lexington, Kentucky

Townley Apartment Comples implementing UC-4 Metal Roofing System for the metal roof at the pool house, as well as the awnings of the same building.

Brickstreet Insurance Corporation

Charleston, West Virgina

Located in Charleston, West Virginia, UNA-CLAD Series-10 Wall Panel System was implemented for the exterior wall portion of this project.